[Oeva-list] Watts up?

Lawrence Winiarski lawrence_winiarski at yahoo.com
Mon May 9 22:08:27 PDT 2011

Sounds pretty ridiculous.    If the boot up time wasn't bad, I'd put it on a timer.
40 watts is a substantial heat issue too.   Must have a fan that is on all the time todeal with it.   
Linux used to be a lot more power thrifty than windows because windows neverused the HALT instruction.     Sounds like a similar problem that perhaps themicrocontroller is always trying to do something, even when nothing needs tobe done.    Lots of lazy programmers out there..

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On Mon, 9 May 2011, D K wrote:

> Steve, you lost your bet.  Here is what I got from "Jason" on the Blink
> support line.  It's MORE power than I expected!

And vastly more power than it should be.. Sombody needs to do a careful look at 
the design..

(In fact, in standby, I don't think it would meet EPA's Energy Star

What a shame for an alternate energy company to be such a watt hog.


P.S. was he quoting name plate rating or was it actually measured?

P.P.S You won't be able to use a 110 volt version of a tester to test
your charger.. but a clamp on amp meter, as another poster suggested is
your best bet.


This is a gadget which will give you a 10x improvement in sensitivity
of your clamp on meter. (It's basically a 10 to 1 transformer built
in to the adaptor.) You put the adaptor between the wall socket and
the plug, Put the clamp on meter thru the hole and measure the current.
One hole is 1x the other is 10x.

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