[Oeva-list] Cross country planning

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed May 11 15:35:13 PDT 2011

I'm planning another cross country excursion this weekend, partly to
test the freeway range of the Leaf; I'm being fairly conservative and
hoping that the range will exceed my expectations --- if nothing else,
it would mean shorter stops at the L2 charging stations.  The main
question marks are the stations at Salem/PGE and Tonkin --- I'm assuming
the stations at PGE will be operational though, as I think they actually
occasionally use them.  I'm hoping there won't be a repeat of
McMinnville at Tonkin, though it's less critical, and I'll be passing
through while they should be open as well.  I'll probably call Tonkin
just to make sure, and the Salem Nissan to see if they even have a
charging station, as a backup plan for the PGE station.

The joys of being a Beta Tester ;-)  Once I have a better feel for what
it will actually do, such careful planning won't be needed.  I'm posting
this because:

1.  I needed to make the plan anyhow
2.  I'm hoping maybe there are people from PGE and Tonkin on the list
    that might double check to make sure everything along the way will
    be operational
3.  I thought people here would be interested


  Corvallis -> Salem/PGE (44 miles, 30 on freeway)
    1hr travel/2hr charge: 11:30am -> 2:30pm

    I expect the Leaf to say I've got about 20 miles left at this
    point, which means about 10 from turtling and right at the top
    of the "Red Zone" on the battery gauge)

    Charge long enough in Salem to make sure I can get to Tonkin,
    probably two hours --- I want it to be about half full.  I have
    a friend in Wilsonville to visit, so I can visit him while
    adding a bit at Tonkin, avoiding another hour or so in Salem
    where there's nothing nearby to do.  Still, I'll have a book to
    read for the two hours here.

  Salem/PGE -> Tonkin Wilsonville (27 miles freeway)
    .5hr/1 hrs: 2:30pm -> 4pm

    I expect to be back down to the Red Zone at Tonkin, but
    only need an hour charge to get to the WTC from there.

    Charge at Tonkin long enough to make it to the WTC

  Tonkin -> WTC fast charge (16 miles)
    .5hr/.5hr: 4pm -> 5pm

    Back down to the Red Zone, but will get a nice 90% at the WTC

  WTC -> Camas -> WTC (38 miles)
    1hr, 2-3 hrs, 1hr/.5hr: 5pm -> 10:30pm

    visit friends, back to charge

  WTC -> Hillsdale (4.4 miles)
    visit friends, spend night
    I might not need to charge at WTC, but they're up in the hills
    on the back side of Council Crest, it will be interesting to see
    how much that sucks out of the batteries
    I can probably 110V charge here for about 12 hours, so I probably
    won't "fill up" at the WTC on the way back from Camas

  Hillsdale to inner Sandy (7 miles)
    .5hr, 2.5hrs: 1pm -> 4pm

    a play at Triangle Productions

  inner Sandy -> Tonkin (20 miles)
    .5hr/2-3hrs: 4pm -> 8pm

    I'll top off completely here while visiting my friend, again to
    minimize the time in Salem

  Tonkin -> Salem/PGE (27 miles freeway)
    .5hr/2-3hrs: 8pm -> 11:30pm

    top off completely again to make the long freeway stretch

  Salem/PGE -> home (44 miles, 30 on freeway)
    1hr: 11:30pm -> 12:30am

    It's only 32 miles (24 freeway) to the Chargepoint chargers at
    Linn-Benton, so if I get bored in Salem, I might stop charging
    there early and charge some more at LBCC for a bit if I need it
    to get home...  I may do this just to make sure they actually
    see some use anyhow, as I suspect they don't normally...

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