[Oeva-list] EVs to the rescue in Japan

Jon Youngblood jonyou at clear.net
Wed May 11 17:51:01 PDT 2011

Curt, this is true as long as cars insist on having 200 to 300 horses in
front of it.  There was a time when a man was lucky to have one.  Four or
six to pull a carriage was considered royalty (or a stage coach perhaps),
but you see my point.  Wall St. with its The Bigger The Better brainwashing
is destroying our world.  Our greed for more power than the next guy is not
our best approach to transportation - or anything else for that matter.
What's the point of an EV saving the planet if it still needs to consume way
more energy that it takes to move one or two human bodies?  How often do you
tow tons of goods?  And couldn't you rent an ICE on those occations?  You
guys are not much of a solution.  Your only changing the nature of the
problem.  Sure, there may be less gases emmitted, but, well, I'm sure you
have all heard the arguments about the trade offs and power souces and
pollution from other materials, blah, blah, blah.  But yes, Curt, as long as
we are hedonistically inclined to grasp and cling to our 250 horses, or act
like a spoiled child, then solar will never supply the energy.  Your right.



Jon Youngblood

jonyou at clear.net



I kinda have to disagree -- the amount of energy it takes to run a car is so
much ridiculously more than any reasonably sized solar array could ever


Curt Erickson




> One more advantage of the EV over the ICE. The EV will only become 

> more important in times of disaster as more and more local residential 

> and commercial solar arrays are installed across the country.


> http://nyti.ms/kbc5B6


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> The EVs are coming


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