[Oeva-list] EVs to the rescue in Japan

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed May 11 18:53:50 PDT 2011

On 5/11/11 5:51 PM, Jon Youngblood wrote:
> Curt, this is true as long as cars insist on having 200 to 300 horses in
> front of it.  There was a time when a man was lucky to have one.

This was a response to a misunderstanding I think, but I think the
sentiment needs addressed:  do we *really* want to go back to that
time???  Although the only cars that have that much power are sports
cars and big trucks.  Even my V6 Explorer is only 150Hp, but I'm not
going to second guess anyone's vehicle requirements.  Wayland has shown
you can have fun in an EV, and when you need a big truck, you need a big

> What's the point of an EV saving the planet if it
> still needs to consume way more energy that it takes to move one or two
> human bodies?

The point is that an EV doesn't require destructive sources of energy:
you can get electricity in a lot of ways.

> How often do you tow tons of goods?  And couldn't you
> rent an ICE on those occations?

Rental places won't let you tow *anything* unless you rent a big truck,
and often the rental process takes several times the time it would take
to just move whatever needs moved.  I did that at home depot a couple of
times, and it worked for those limited cases, but I got a cheap trailer
and my old Explorer because it just works better (at least until the
Explorer dies).  Though actually, there's no reason my Leaf couldn't
pull that trailer around town.  They just think "electric!  no way!" so
there's no way to put a hitch on it.  Sure, it would hurt the range
some, but you're not going to be going cross country with the setup, and
if you are, renting isn't as big a proportion of the hassle and you're
more likely to *need* the big truck.

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