[Oeva-list] ice equivalence

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Wed May 11 20:23:51 PDT 2011

On Wednesday, May 11, 2011 08:05:37 PM Alan Batie wrote:
> On 5/11/11 7:50 PM, patrick0101 at gmail.com wrote:
> > If you are looking for a recharge time that is fast, battery swapping is
> > the way to go. There are issues with that, but time to full is not one
> > of them.
> That may be a more viable option with larger batteries vs 300kw
> stations, but a battery swap station is a much more expensive piece of
> infrastructure than an "electron pump", and I think the latter is quite
> doable.  Even putting them every 40 miles, we only need 70ish to cover
> the populated part of Oregon, which really wouldn't cost that much...
> Though I was just thinking of the capital costs, I wonder what the fixed
> operating costs would be, i.e. monthly on a 50kw (or 300kw) power line
> before the cost of the power itself...
Better place automated robotic 2-minute swapping stations cost $500K, but a 6-
pump gas station costs $1M. So we are in the same ballpark.

Most of that time is driving in and out. So a dual swap station can refuel 
cars as fast as a $1M gas station if a gas car takes 6 minutes for roughly the 
same infrastructure cost.


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