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Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed May 11 21:26:43 PDT 2011

On 5/11/11 8:23 PM, Gary Graunke wrote:

> Better place automated robotic 2-minute swapping stations cost $500K, but a 6-
> pump gas station costs $1M. So we are in the same ballpark.
> Most of that time is driving in and out. So a dual swap station can refuel 
> cars as fast as a $1M gas station if a gas car takes 6 minutes for roughly the 
> same infrastructure cost.

Same as gas pumps, but what about electron pumps?  Eventually they'll
want to be mini marts etc, but to get the infrastructure built out,
sticking a 50kw station somewhere is what, $50-100k?  Mostly the cost of
getting the power to it.  Hmmm, I suppose 300kw stations will be rather
more expensive, though not sure they'd get near $500k, which seems
awfully cheap for a swapping station.  I also suspect it'll be easier to
get disparate car companies to agree to an electrical standard than a
physical standard, particularly the access panel so the swap station can
work.  I think just charging is simpler all around, but swapping avoids
having high power handling stuff in every car.

I'm not opposed to battery swapping, just skeptical that all the pieces
that would need to come together for it actually will...

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