[Oeva-list] A123 20Ah prismatic cells

dipron06 dipron06 at gmail.com
Fri May 13 12:49:50 PDT 2011

Thanks for the info Phil. I was the one who asked about the A123 batteries at the meeting. I figured they were going to be expensive, but at least they are finally available to the public. For the past couple years they would not talk to anyone who wasn't a manufacturer or large scale client. With A123 working with the EV motorcycle racing and some big companies now, hopefully it won't be long before the prices start coming down. Maybe an EV related company here in Portland could see if they can be a distributor or something.


Timothy Beltz

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net wrote:
What are the prices they're quoting?

Jon Balgley wrote:
I wasn't at the meeting, but I have communicated with them.  They responded quickly to my inquiry.  They have a "pack builder's kit".  A little expensive for me.  If other people are interested, perhaps we can get together for a group buy to bring the price down.

Phil Hochstetler phil.hochstetler at gmail.com wrote:
Someone asked last night at the Monthly meeting about who was in the process
of offering the 20Ah A123Systems prismatic cells.  The company is a supplier
to the Motorsports industry by the name of Mavizen.


Phil H.
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