[Oeva-list] Sherwood Cruisin' registration deadline

gfifield at onlinenw.com gfifield at onlinenw.com
Sun May 15 17:19:16 PDT 2011


If you are planning on going to the Sherwood Crusin' June 11th, could you
please get your application filled in, scan it and send it back to me,
Gene Fifield.
The forms are found here:

The Sherwood Chamber of Commerce wants our OEVA COMP registrations bundled
together, so they can plan our location.

At last Thursday's meeting I collected applications as follows:

Brad Laird       04 Ford Ranger conversion
Ernest Hagel     94 Volkswagen Superbeetle conversion
PGE (Rick Durst) 11 Nissan Leaf
Gary Graunke        Honda Insight Conversion
Paul Burke          Sparrow,         has sent his in Thursday Morning.
Richard Donovan  72 MGB Conversion,  has sent his registration two weeks ago.
So far we have 6 EVs. If you have already sent your registration form in,
please let me know the details and I'll add it to our list so you are not
orphaned out or our OEVA spaces.

Thursday I'll bring over what I have, plus the list of people who I know
have already sent their applications in.

I'll talk with The Chamber about providing us another space for a canopy
with EV educational material. (OEVA has it's own canopy; I'll find out
about any special rules. I've seen the wind take one of these up in the
air a few years ago.) Somebody talked about bringing a solar panel;
perhaps that should be registered in a space next to the canopy? . . just
thinking out loud. If anybody has other ideas please let me know.

Braid Laird and I have both offered a power source and a place to stay
Friday night so you don't have range anxiety about an early morning drive
in. (Richard D. has taken me up on my offer for one room, and I have
another room available.) I have a J1772 Blink charger, . . come to think
of it I have another 240 outlet in the horse barn that another vehicle
could use if the "drive" leading down there isn't muddy then.

Gene Fifield
503 515 2747

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