[Oeva-list] The trip in brief

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon May 16 00:44:55 PDT 2011

I'll write up the full report tomorrow, but this trip went much smoother
than the McMinnville trip:

* Salem Nissan *does* have a pair of charging stations, and there's an
AM/PM and DQ across the street, so even in the wee hours, you've got a
place to go wee while waiting to charge (which I see being an issue with
a number of the charging stations for after hours use).  It's ideally
located for travel between Corvallis and Portland as well.

* the PGE/Salem charging station was the big disappointment: while the
110V "L1" function appeared to be working (the blue light was lit
anyhow), the 240V J1772 was *not*.  The blue light was not lit, and
plugging it into the car had no result other than a beep (from the car I
think) noting that the connector had been plugged in.  When I left
Corvallis, I didn't know if the Salem Nissan dealer had a station, and
if they hadn't, I'd have been screwed.  While charging at the WTC last
night, I was showing a friend the charging stations up on Salmon, and
that one was in the same state (as well as being blocked by a limo for
the Prom being held in the WTC courtyard, but at least the driver was
there so if need be, he could have been asked to move).  I can't
reiterate enough though, that one sure way to kill EVs is for charging
stations to not be reliable in the early days when there aren't very
many around.

* even the nav system in the Leaf doesn't believe the range estimator:
when I was coming home tonight, I realized I could *just* make it home
from Salem with out stopping at LBCC for a boost, but about the time I
turned off the freeway at the Corvallis exit, the range estimator said
19 miles and the gps said I had 11 miles to go, and it piped up with
"you may not be able to make it to your destination" (I dropped to 60mph
on I5 between Albany and the Corvallis exit, and then to 50 on the 55mph
hwy to Corvallis and got home with "10 miles" to spare)

* A DC fast charge in Salem would meet 90% of my needs...

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