[Oeva-list] The trip in brief

Gary Graunke gary at whitecape.org
Mon May 16 11:17:32 PDT 2011

On Monday, May 16, 2011 12:44:55 AM Alan Batie wrote:
> While charging at the WTC last
> night, I was showing a friend the charging stations up on Salmon, and
> that one was in the same state...

I charged at 6KW at the 1st and Salmon WTC charging station, and it  worked 
just fine. I could review my data acquistion log for GFCI faults (which reset 
every 10 minutes), but I pretty sure none occured (I need a to put in my fuel 

Sometimes, a breaker trips upstream from the EVSE, and it needs to be reset. 
However, this is rare, and it has been working very well for some time.

Cars blocking the EVSE are a persistent problem. However, many times people 
are just waiting there, and often leave when I pull into the other space and 
start charging (they probably realize that there *are* electric cars on the 
road, and we *do* use the charging stations--it's not just PR/greenwashing). 
The best thing is to have the public see cars charging frequently.

Glad you tried the station at PGE/Salem--I have only used it at 110 the week 
before it was upgraded. I'll be happy to test the upgrades when they are done, 
if I know ahead of time. (I met a person from Cherry City Electric (same folks 
that did the one in my garage) who was planning to do the upgrade when I was 
charging at PGE/Salem). 

Is there someplace that lists the Nissan dealers with charging? Do they charge 
regular non-Leaf vehicles (my Leaf is now scheduled for the week of May 27--
according to the Nissan person on the phone, it was the eco-paint and one 
other option that delayed it). Those options are added at Long Beach.


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