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Mon May 16 12:07:58 PDT 2011

Hi Jeff,

I'm a hardware guy and I expect to be able to tell that something is
happening when I hook something up. I expect to see some sort of feedback
on the progress of the charge.
Seems a waste of display capability to scroll though pictures.

The things I would want to see are:
   Am I mechanically connected.
   When the charging started.
   If it hasn't started charging, some explanation of why it hasn't and
how to resolve the issue. i.e. "try re-seating the plug." "Call Jeff at
...." ; )
   How many KWs are being drawn.
   Accumulated KWH.

Can you detect that you are connected to a Leaf or a Volt?

PR related stuff could be:
A tally of charger usage today, this week and this month.
Next closest charger location/availability.
Gallons of gas saved, number of miles driven and the $ difference in
"fuel" costs.
You basically have a free billboard.

Jeff, do you have a video posted of the plug and charge experience? That
might help set some sort of expectation that things were done correctly.

Gene Fifield

> The touch screen doesn't do much, but scroll through pictures, for now.
> In
> the future it could be used for payment processing, but all of them are
> free
> now.
> This may seem silly, but we've seen a couple people not fully engage the
> J1772 connector.  We'll check out the station in Salem and update on
> status.
> Jeff
> On Monday, May 16, 2011 12:44:55 AM Alan Batie wrote:
>> While charging at the WTC last
>> night, I was showing a friend the charging stations up on Salmon, and
>> that one was in the same state...
> I charged at 6KW at the 1st and Salmon WTC charging station, and it
> worked
> just fine. I could review my data acquistion log for GFCI faults (which
> reset
> every 10 minutes), but I pretty sure none occured (I need a to put in my
> fuel
> gauge!).
> Sometimes, a breaker trips upstream from the EVSE, and it needs to be
> reset.
> However, this is rare, and it has been working very well for some time.
> Cars blocking the EVSE are a persistent problem. However, many times
> people
> are just waiting there, and often leave when I pull into the other space
> and
> start charging (they probably realize that there *are* electric cars on
> the
> road, and we *do* use the charging stations--it's not just
> PR/greenwashing).
> The best thing is to have the public see cars charging frequently.
> Glad you tried the station at PGE/Salem--I have only used it at 110 the
> week
> before it was upgraded. I'll be happy to test the upgrades when they are
> done,
> if I know ahead of time. (I met a person from Cherry City Electric (same
> folks
> that did the one in my garage) who was planning to do the upgrade when I
> was
> charging at PGE/Salem).
> Is there someplace that lists the Nissan dealers with charging? Do they
> charge
> regular non-Leaf vehicles (my Leaf is now scheduled for the week of May
> 27--
> according to the Nissan person on the phone, it was the eco-paint and one
> other option that delayed it). Those options are added at Long Beach.
> Gary
> On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 9:58 AM, Alan Batie <alan at batie.org> wrote:
>> On 5/16/11 1:11 AM, Jeff Kim wrote:
>> > Alan,
>> > The blue light indicates there is power at the connector.  In the case
>> > of the Level 1 connector, it is always powered (so the light is always
>> > blue), unless there is a fault.  The Level 2 connector is only powered
>> > if it is connected to the vehicle and establishes communication with
>> the
>> > vehicle, but it should have worked when you plugged it in.
>> All I got was a beep, and screen just kept showing pictures of
>> shorepower stuff.  I'm pretty sure no blue lights turned on, either on
>> the station nor in my car, and I didn't hear any of the usual relay
>> action.  I'm not sure I looked too closely at the car though - I was
>> expecting feedback from the station itself.  I could go up next weekend
>> and try it again...
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