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The Donovans r_donovans at yahoo.com
Tue May 17 23:26:20 PDT 2011

Hi Bruce,

My experience is State Farm won't insure your conversion. My MGB was insured for 
20+ years as a gasoline car through State Farm with no claims or late premiums 
during that time. When I converted it to electric, State Farm refused because it 
had been "modified by an unrecognized business" (i.e., me). Frankly I could not 
believe it. Certainly they would make some kind of exception considering my 
long-time record with them - NOT. They would not even inspect the work. I asked 
my agent if she really thinks an electric vehicle is more of a risk than 
insuring my kids when they were teenagers? It is essentially the same car but 
with an electric motor. Wasn't looking for any special insurance on the car. She 
said they were sorry but would not insure it.

I went down the street to Farmers Insurance and told them of my dilemma. The 
Farmers agent said they'd be happy to insure it as long as it was not converted 
to an amphibious vehicle. I said it is not amphibious unless I take a wrong turn 
on a lake front road. :)

Needless to say, not only did State Farm lose my electric vehicle, I pulled my 
homeowner, vacation property, another vehicle, and travel trailer insurance from 
State Farm to Farmers. Plus, I saved money on my premiums with Farmers too. 

My impression is most insurance companies will work with you when you have a 
conversion. State Farm is the one exception I'm aware of. Still a little mad 
about it. State Farm was glad to take my money for all those years. Guess I'm 
glad I discovered this prior to having any claims. 

My recommendation, whatever insurance company you go with, make sure they are 
fully aware of your conversion on the vehicle. You should not have a problem 
insuring your conversion unless you want State Farm and only State Farm.

Richard Donovan


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Can anyone help me with some companies that will insure conversions? Does anyone 
know if State Farm will insure a conversion? Thanks, for the help.
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