[Oeva-list] Sherwood Cruisin' Preview on KGW

gfifield at onlinenw.com gfifield at onlinenw.com
Wed May 18 16:30:37 PDT 2011

We have a request from the Sherwood Chamber to provide a "classic"
converted vehicle and spokesperson for a Promo Video for Sherwood Cruisin'
on Channel 8 KGW on Thursday morning June 9th with Drew Carney and his
cameraman. (Two days before you have to arrive)

Some of the details:
Show up 5AM in Old Town Sherwood Thursday Morning June 9th.
Shooting wraps up at 7:15AM

Here is a segment that aired last year.
Elvis impersonation optional.

Please let me know.

Also I'm turning in our registration forms tomorrow morning to the
Sherwood Chamber.
So if you haven't registered yet please fill your form out and send it my
way. The Chamber will be planning the logistics and map soon.

So far here is the rundown:

Brad Laird       04 Ford Ranger conversion
Ernest Hagel     94 Volkswagen Superbeetle conversion
PGE (Rick Durst) 11 Nissan Leaf
Gary Graunke     00 Honda Insight Conversion
Paul Burke          Sparrow,         has sent his in Thursday Morning.
Richard Donovan  72 MGB Conversion,  has sent his registration two weeks
Pat Conner       11 Nissan Leaf      (Pat you need to send a filled in
signed form)

We want to have a canopy display with our educational media displayed in
an adjacent car slot.
So far we have members in 7 slots and our canopy in an 8th slot.

If you have sent in your registration and I don't have it listed here
please give me a call,


Gene Fifield
503 515 2747

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