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Steve centred at yahoo.com
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Hi Travis, Thanks for the offer! I live in Beaverton as well, so not to far away. I'm still in the planning and getting things together stage so my project is not immediate. I checked out your site and its very cool, I'd really appreciate the help. I've messed around with electrical systems and some mechanical stuff but I know if I rely on my on resources, the bike would work but look completely shoddy lol. 

How would the best way to contact you be?

P.S. this is just for anyone out there, I have a new folding electric bicycle for sale as well. If anyone's interested in one let me know and I can provide the details.


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Hey Steve,

I'm in Portland (SW, towards Beaverton). I don't mind helping out a little bit with your project.

Check my website:

Let me know if you need some help. I'll be busy finishing mine over the next few weeks, but I don't mind giving pointers.

Travis Gintz

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 9:29 PM, Steve <centred at yahoo.com> wrote:

Hello Everyone,
>I've been a member of the Oeva list for quite a few years now but haven't posted as EV's have only been a fanciful curiosity until recently.
>I've had a little money come my way and am now thinking seriously about converting a street bike into electric. It would be my first conversion so I wanted to start small. I have done my research and have found all the components I need but my bike building skills are somewhat nil. As part of the project I'd like to hire someone familiar with EV bike conversions to help but don't know anyone local. 
>If anyone could provide a name or contact information for someone able and interested in helping me, I'd greatly appreciate it!
>Steve M
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Travis Gintz
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