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Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Fri May 20 18:00:58 PDT 2011

On 5/20/11 1:16 PM, Scott Hippe wrote:
> The public charging station issue is a red herring.  The most important factor in the success of the EV is (besides good EVs)
> is a charging station at your home or office.

While I agree, there are two caveats:

1.  I've mostly poo-poohed the l2 charging spree that is virtually all
of the public infrastructure as not being useful or necessary, the 40
mile round trip to Camus from the WTC used 70%, and in fact, a lot of
metro area driving is freeway, so I do think the l2 charging
infrastructure will be useful.

2.  Even so, the Leaf is perfectly adequate for most metro area driving;
the l2's will mostly be "nice to have".  But when people think of range,
they're thinking of cross country driving of the sort I've been testing
out.  The reason I got a Leaf instead of a Volt was because I was
promised fast charge infrastructure to make that viable, at least in the
mid-range travel (e.g. Eugene-Seattle).  I didn't really expect it to be
built out this summer, but waiting until *after* the cars are in
people's hands to do the build out is absolutely stupid: you're creating
an environment where people get the cars and then all their worst fears
are realized.  The entire reason for having the build-out government
subsidized is explicitly to build it out *before* you have a lot of
people needing it, to prevent that, supplying the eggs so the chickens
can get home to roost, once there *are* chickens, and not worry if they
need eggs first.

I'm an early adopter, and expect bleeding from the bleeding edge --- I
would be ok with "we've got some teething problems, but we're working on
it", but slowing down a project because of "low demand" when it's
supposed to trigger demand, not be reactive to it, really ticks me off...

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