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What Scott said goes ditto for me. I have never used a public charging station so far and doubt I will. I charge at home at night while sleeping and on rare occasions during the day.
I did not buy my Leaf to drive across country, or even across state. I wanted an all electric car that was capable of freeway driving and did not look like something made for a clown to drive in a circus. So far very few people even recognize that it is an electric car unless I tell them. Loving my Leaf hoping my support will push vast improvements in the electric and hybrid car market!   Tracy 
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The public charging station issue is a red herring.  The most important factor in the success of the EV is (besides good EVs)
is a charging station at your home or office.  ECOtality has focused on getting these stations in first ( over 1000 so far ).

I have had my Leaf for two months and drive about 1000 miles per month, yet I have only used a public charger twice and that
was for fun, not really a necessity.  I am in that prime demographic of a person who drives nearly every day but less than 50 miles
per day.  The Leaf is always home at night for a charge.  

Those 50 miles per day add up to big numbers and I feel I am doing my part of reducing our monthly payments of $42.5 Billon to
foreign countries for oil.

We need to focus on what works now.  If you need to depend on a public charger, then you may not be a good EV candidate right
now.  But don't scare off the very large number of people who only need a home charger.

As public chargers roll out, EVs will have greater appeal, but for a long time 99% of the charging will occur at home or the
office where the EV tends to be parked for many hours.


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> Hi Gary, 
> I read this article with great interest, and was initially very upset about
> the "lack of demand" statement. However, on balance, other than this typical
> mistake (which seems to be based on overall sales numbers as opposed to
> orders or waitlist numbers), the article is pretty accurate and very damning
> of the poor performance that Ecotality has delivered thus far. 
> I too question the promises of a vast public charging infrastructure that
> has yet to even have one installed. And the pathetic lack of responsibility
> that the Ecotality folks exhibit with statements about waiting until there
> are more EVs on the road before they will commit to installations. Very poor
> and very sad.
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>> Hi all , I was informed at work that there was a very derogatory article
>> pertaining to ev's or the ev movement. I  am unable to see that article ,
>> has anyone read it or know what it's about?
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