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Ray Blackburn oeva_treas at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 10:59:32 PDT 2011

Hi OEVA members, 

The time has come to try and get a head count of who may be making the trip to 
John Day this year for the annual Solwest Energy Fair.  It is
approximately a three day fair held in John Day, OR.  There are many great 
classes held on solar power, gardening, biodiesel, etc...  Their are motels 
available and a camping area.  

I must inform the Leaf owners and others who want to attempt this that there 
will only be 240 volt 30 amp 14 - 50P connections for charging. You will need to 
buy the adaptor or portable charging station to adapt from 14-50P to J1772, I 
believe there is a hack for the Leaf to use 240 volts through the 110 cord as 
well, but am not sure on this.   http://www.tucsonev.com/  There are no J1772 
connections for charging that I am aware of once you head east on I-84 out of 
Portland.  We will have charging points at Cascade Locks, The Dalles, Condon and 
Dayville.  If you can not make your Leaf go 70 miles after leaving I-84 you 
should not attempt this trip.  Know your vehicle capabilities before you go on a 
road trip.  I know I could make a Leaf go 70 miles on a hot day on a windy back 
hwy like hwy 97 but I will not be driving your cars.  We may still yet have 
charging in Wasco and Spray but don't count on it.  Please contact me if you 
plan on this adventure.  I went last year with the EV Yaris and had a great 
time.  Ray Blackburn,  OEVA_treas at yahoo.com

Jennifer Barker, who heads up the Fair does a great job of explaining below why 
we are doing this and has done wonders to help get charging places in the 
communities from The Dalles to John Day.

John Day or Bust
The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) puts out a call to action for all 
EV enthusiasts who support this vision: that replacing internal combustion 
engines (ICE, now powering America’s fleet of personal vehicles) with electric 
drive systems is the quickest and cheapest path to breaking our addiction to 
oil, cleaning up our air and stopping the flow of our dollars to OPEC. The goal 
is to promote the widespread adoption of the EV as a vehicle of utility and 
adventure as well as being good for the environment.
Electric Vehicle owners and enthusiasts from all over the West will be heading 
to John Day and SolWest Fair the last weekend of July. Let’s take a lesson from 
the history of the early days of the auto. Individuals and groups were 
constantly setting out on daunting trips across vast regions with 
poor-to-terrible roads, no gas stations and no repair shops. They did it and 
sold a nation on the ICE.
Why John Day?
John Day is a little town in the middle of the eastern Oregon desert and 
mountains, settled in the late 1800’s by gold miners, ranchers, loggers, and 
timber workers. In other words, they were hardy pioneer stock, and their spirit 
still dominates the town. It’s a perfect setting for the pioneers of the EV age. 
If you can drive an EV to John Day, you can drive an EV just about anywhere. 

John Day or Bust is a collaboration between the Oregon Electric Vehicle 
Association, SolWest Fair, and the Green Living Journal. www.oeva.org


 Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer. 
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