[Oeva-list] target market

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Sat May 21 11:47:15 PDT 2011

Tracy writes:
> What Scott said goes ditto for me. I have never used a public charging 
>station so far and doubt I will. I charge at home at night while sleeping 
>and on rare occasions during the day.

>I did not buy my Leaf to drive across country, or even across state. 
>I wanted an all electric car that was capable of freeway driving and did 
>not look like something made for a clown to drive in a circus. 

I do think that Scott and Tracy are correct in their assessment of the
"right fit" for the current crop of EV's.

Unfortunately, the area covered by their usage paterns is also the 
area best covvered by public transit.

One sad observation about highly efficient vehicles is that they often
sell to folks who already have highly efficient vehicles and are looking
to get "just that little bit better."

Had the target market been a 200 mile range with charging at home, they 
would have gotten a demographic that has less access to public transit
and drives more miles per year. It's these folks that will, by using
an EV have a bigger impact on fuel consumption, than someone who used
little fuel to start with.


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