[Oeva-list] "convoy charging"

Steve's Account stevel at fern.com
Sat May 21 11:59:09 PDT 2011

An interesting idea.. for group RV "road trips", where a number of EV's
are going to the same location.. say Portland to John Day... have a 
pickup truck drag a trailer with a good sized generator, and a 
collection of chargers, extension cords and adapters, so that when you
"convoy" your way along you can set up in parking lots at stops
arranged along the way to recharge.

I'd bet you could rent a geneset from a construction rental house.. and
maybe get one of the "shore power" type companies to donate a rack of
charging stations.

When the "convoy" has recharged, then local EV's could also find out
about what the charging stations had to offer.

Often the larger portable generators are 220 (or higher) voltages because
they are used to supply power to buildings when their main power is down.


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