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I totally agree with Scott and Tracy. 
I know there are many other EV drivers on this list that have been  driving 
all electric for years without having 100 miles of range or access to  
public charging stations. So driving electric has already been proven to  meet 
many drivers local driving needs. 
I know the following sentence sounds absurdly simple but it has  allowed me 
to rack up over 70,000 EV miles with only 50 miles of range and  without 
pubic charging stations. Range only becomes an issue when you  either exceed 
your known range or increase your load with driving  habits or conditions 
that reduce your range. With good driving habits you  can even increase your 
range when you know your going to be pushing it. 
If you increase weight (added persons or luggage) or speed (65 or 70)  
maintaining this speed on hills such as on a freeway and use the A/C your range  
is going to be vastly reduced. This does not take into account if you are  
driving into a head wind. Even if it is only a ten mile an hour wind that 
makes  your 65 mile an hour  load that is equal to driving 75 miles an hour. 
You  could easily take the 90 or 100 mile range of the Leaf and lower it to 
around  65 under the worst driving conditions. 

Since the Leaf is now being driven by a vast range of drivers including  
some who have never owned an EV. There is going to be an adjustment to having  
the 33.4 kW of energy of a gallon of gas verses the 24 kW of stored energy 
in  the Leaf. The Leaf has less then the equivalent of 3/4 of a gallon of  
gas. The Nissan Leaf is the most advanced electric vehicle for  the least 
amount of money that has ever been available. 
The Leaf is incredibly efficient charging at less then 30 cents an hour  
provides roughly 12 to 15 miles of range under normal driving  conditions. 
Which is about 2 cents a mile to 2.5 cents a mile. Now  that gas is close to 4 
dollars a gallon 2.5 cents a mile is equal  to 160 miles to the gallon. 
The Leaf could have been made with more range at a greater cost. It would  
also need to be larger and weigh more. The average driver drives less then 
40  miles a day the Leaf far exceeds this range even under the very worst  
conditions. Nissan did it right by keeping the cost down and still has more  
range then most drivers need. Regardless of how many miles an EV can  go on 
one charge it will never be enough for everyone. It would have made the  Leaf 
a much more expensive vehicle and it would also not be as efficient. 
Yes if there was charging stations everywhere it would be nice but for many 
 with even 50 miles of range it will never be needed. Fast charging 
stations  would have a greater impact for longer trips. Standard 240 charging works 
 well if the vehicle is going to be parked for an extended amount of time.  
Most of the time vehicles are parked even during the day. Its a difficult  
concept for many ICE drivers but if your not driving your vehicle is doing  
nothing anyway.

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What Scott said goes ditto for  me. I have never used a public charging 
station so far and doubt I will. I  charge at home at night while sleeping and 
on rare occasions during the  day.
I did not buy my Leaf to drive across country, or even across state. I  
wanted an all electric car that was capable of freeway driving and did not  
look like something made for a clown to drive in a circus. So far very few  
people even recognize that it is an electric car unless I tell them. Loving my  
Leaf hoping my support will push vast improvements in the electric and 
hybrid  car market!?? Tracy 
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The public charging station issue is a red herring.? The  most important 
factor in the success of the EV is (besides good EVs)
is a  charging station at your home or office.? ECOtality has focused on 
getting  these stations in first ( over 1000 so far ).

I have had my Leaf for  two months and drive about 1000 miles per month, 
yet I have only used a public  charger twice and that
was for fun, not really a necessity.? I am in that  prime demographic of a 
person who drives nearly every day but less than 50  miles
per day.? The Leaf is always home at night for a charge.?  

Those 50 miles per day add up to big numbers and I feel I am doing my  part 
of reducing our monthly payments of $42.5 Billon to
foreign countries  for oil.

We need to focus on what works now.? If you need to depend on  a public 
charger, then you may not be a good EV candidate right
now.? But  don't scare off the very large number of people who only need a 
home  charger.

As public chargers roll out, EVs will have greater appeal, but  for a long 
time 99% of the charging will occur at home or the
office where  the EV tends to be parked for many  hours.


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