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Ray Blackburn oeva_treas at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 21:51:07 PDT 2011

Just to clarify, Portland, Cascade Locks, The Dalles, Condon, Fossil, Dayville, 
Oregon are the charge points.  If you go 45 to 50 mph once off I-84 you should 
be able to cover the 71 miles with some air conditioning thrown in.  If your 
range and remaining miles don't compute to you making the next charge point, you 
will have to drive slower.  The return trip would be faster as you know how much 
reserve was left in your battery pack but perhaps there will be more up hill 
returning than when coming or head winds?  Who knows?  This is not for 
everyone.  Monitoring how much battery pack remains and how many miles remain to 
the next charge point will determine the speed you will be able to travel at.  I 
kept my AC on #2 and was quite comfortable on a 100 degree day.  Yes, I look at 
it as if Exxon Mobile is paying me 3 dollars a hour to educate the public in 
these small towns about EV's while I am charging and saving lots of money by not 
using gas.  Charging was approx 12-14 hours each way with my 3.3 kw charger.  71 
miles is the furthest leg unless we get charge points in Wasco and Spray.
 Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer.
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