[Oeva-list] Salem Trip

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sun May 22 00:32:23 PDT 2011

I'll have a little more data when I get the carwings data in a couple
days, but 12 miles out to the freeway @60 used 2 bars, then the 33 miles
to PGE @70 used another 6 bars; the shorepower station reported 18.5kWh
in 4:15 of charging.  I got there about 6:20, and returned from the
theater at 9:50.  The station reported 16.something and the car said 10
minutes left...for the next 30 minutes when it finally finished ;-)  It
was an expensive test/movie --- the taxi ride to downtown is $15 each
way!  On the way back, I used the heater for the 12 miles in from the
freeway, and it just dropped the 9th bar while I was pulling out the
camera to take a picture of the dash for the record.  I'm debating doing
it again tomorrow at 60mph to compare (the new Pirates of the Caribbean
movie is playing there too ;-) ), but will probably stay home...

One odd thing is the first taxi driver didn't like Prius' because he
said they've had a lot of battery problems.  First I've heard of it...
Seemed to think Toyota was making owners by new packs, whereas Honda was
covering them when they went out (but not having the problems Toyota is
anyhow).  I haven't heard of any of them having problems...  I wonder if
the ones being used as taxis are taking a beating, or if he's just
getting bad info?

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