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Sun May 22 07:09:35 PDT 2011

Regarding the taxi claim.
Vancouver taxi drivers love their Prii.


> I'll have a little more data when I get the carwings data in a couple
> days, but 12 miles out to the freeway @60 used 2 bars, then the 33 miles
> to PGE @70 used another 6 bars; the shorepower station reported 18.5kWh
> in 4:15 of charging.  I got there about 6:20, and returned from the
> theater at 9:50.  The station reported 16.something and the car said 10
> minutes left...for the next 30 minutes when it finally finished ;-)  It
> was an expensive test/movie --- the taxi ride to downtown is $15 each
> way!  On the way back, I used the heater for the 12 miles in from the
> freeway, and it just dropped the 9th bar while I was pulling out the
> camera to take a picture of the dash for the record.  I'm debating doing
> it again tomorrow at 60mph to compare (the new Pirates of the Caribbean
> movie is playing there too ;-) ), but will probably stay home...
> One odd thing is the first taxi driver didn't like Prius' because he
> said they've had a lot of battery problems.  First I've heard of it...
> Seemed to think Toyota was making owners by new packs, whereas Honda was
> covering them when they went out (but not having the problems Toyota is
> anyhow).  I haven't heard of any of them having problems...  I wonder if
> the ones being used as taxis are taking a beating, or if he's just
> getting bad info?
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