[Oeva-list] Portland Art Museum Green Cars Show

Chris Arnesen chris at darkstarpro.com
Sun May 22 16:41:35 PDT 2011

I heard about the car art exhibit at the museum ("The Allure of the 
Automobile"), but never heard about the "Cars in the Park" event that 
will be going on outside. They state that Saturday, September 10th is 
for "Green Cars," but no participation information is present on the site...

The date is currently wide open for me, so I would love to bring the 
Leaf down!


On 5/22/2011 3:13 PM, Myles Twete wrote:
> Nice...and I see from their webpage 
> <http://specialexhibitions.portlandartmuseum.org/allure/carsinpark/> 
> that it's being held in the park blocks...sweet...count me and the 
> 1920 Milburn in on OEVA participation in the Green Cars event if it 
> happens.
> -Myles
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> The Portland Art Museum is hosting a series of car shows this summer, 
> ending with green cars on September 10th. Is the OEVA participating?
> Regards,
> Pat
> Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

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