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If your near either shop West Hills or Hilltop. Just stop in and we have  
the product in stock and will help you remove the tar at no cost. If it is 
fresh  it is not a big deal as the tar will come right off. If you get paint  
from road lines you need to get that off as soon as possible. The road paint 
is  very hard to remove if it has been on there a while. Wax and grease 
remover will  not touch road paint so we have to use a more aggressive product. 
Below are the web sites for shop information.
Don Blazer
_www.Westhillscollision.com_ (http://www.Westhillscollision.com) 
_www.Hilltopcollision.com_ (http://www.Hilltopcollision.com) 
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find some wax and grease remover at a auto  refinishing supplier and you 
won't have to scrub.   It should  melt right off.
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