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Sun May 22 23:27:28 PDT 2011

I too will lend my upgraded Nissan EVSE and a 14-50 adapter. I shipped it
off Friday for the upgrade. All the 'use at your own risk' and 'you break it
you bought it' disclaimers apply.

I cannot go that weekend, I'll be volunteering at another event.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

On Sat, May 21, 2011 at 12:45 PM, Scott Hippe <scott.hippe at me.com> wrote:

> If a Leaf owner wants to make this trip, I will gladly loan you my
> converted 240V Nissan EVSE + the adapter for the 14-50 outlet + a splitter
> to
> allow two EVs to charge off the same 14-50 outlet.  The 240V Nissan EVSA
> only draws 12 amps @ 240v so two can safely be used on a 30amp
> circuit.
> Scott
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>  Just wanted to let Leaf owners know that you can upgrade the Nissan
> provided Level 1 EVSE to be Level 1 or Level 2 for $239 from
> http://evseupgrade.com/. It takes about 5 shipping days and I've had mine
> upgraded an know a few others that have upgraded their units as well. I
> shipped mine UPS Ground on a Monday and got it back that Friday, so it
> definitely gets done fast.
> I'm still debating about doing the trip, the 90 miles between Condon and
> Dayville make me the most nervous! :-)
> Sincerely,
> Chris Arnesen
> On 5/21/2011 10:59 AM, Ray Blackburn wrote:
>  Hi OEVA members,
> The time has come to try and get a head count of who may be making the trip
> to John Day this year for the annual Solwest Energy Fair.  It is
> approximately a three day fair held in John Day, OR.  There are many great
> classes held on solar power, gardening, biodiesel, etc...  Their are motels
> available and a camping area.
> I must inform the Leaf owners and others who want to attempt this that
> there will only be 240 volt 30 amp 14 - 50P connections for charging. You
> will need to buy the adaptor or portable charging station to adapt from
> 14-50P to J1772, I believe there is a hack for the Leaf to use 240 volts
> through the 110 cord as well, but am not sure on this.
> http://www.tucsonev.com/  There are no J1772 connections for charging that
> I am aware of once you head east on I-84 out of Portland.  We will have
> charging points at Cascade Locks, The Dalles, Condon and Dayville.  If you
> can not make your Leaf go 70 miles after leaving I-84 you should not attempt
> this trip.  Know your vehicle capabilities before you go on a road trip.  I
> know I could make a Leaf go 70 miles on a hot day on a windy back hwy like
> hwy 97 but I will not be driving your cars.  We may still yet have charging
> in Wasco and Spray but don't count on it.  Please contact me if you plan on
> this adventure.  I went last year with the EV Yaris and had a great time.
> Ray Blackburn,  OEVA_treas at yahoo.com
> Jennifer Barker, who heads up the Fair does a great job of explaining
> below why we are doing this and has done wonders to help get charging places
> in the communities from The Dalles to John Day.
> John Day or Bust
> The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (OEVA) puts out a call to action
> for all EV enthusiasts who support this vision: that replacing internal
> combustion engines (ICE, now powering America’s fleet of personal vehicles)
> with electric drive systems is the quickest and cheapest path to breaking
> our addiction to oil, cleaning up our air and stopping the flow of our
> dollars to OPEC. The goal is to promote the widespread adoption of the EV
> as a vehicle of utility and adventure as well as being good for the
> environment.
> Electric Vehicle owners and enthusiasts from all over the West will be
> heading to John Day and SolWest Fair the last weekend of July. Let’s take a
> lesson from the history of the early days of the auto. Individuals and
> groups were constantly setting out on daunting trips across vast regions
> with poor-to-terrible roads, no gas stations and no repair shops. They did
> it and sold a nation on the ICE.
> Why John Day?
> John Day is a little town in the middle of the eastern Oregon desert and
> mountains, settled in the late 1800’s by gold miners, ranchers, loggers, and
> timber workers. In other words, they were hardy pioneer stock, and their
> spirit still dominates the town. It’s a perfect setting for the pioneers of
> the EV age. If you can drive an EV to John Day, you can drive an EV just
> about anywhere.
> John Day or Bust is a collaboration between the Oregon Electric Vehicle
> Association, SolWest Fair, and the Green Living Journal. www.oeva.org
>  http://www.solwest.org/fair.htm
> Ray Blackburn OEVA Treasurer.
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