[Oeva-list] Salem Trip

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sun May 22 23:37:27 PDT 2011

Carwings updated part of it already: it has really strange boundaries!
I stopped and shut the car off just before I got onto the freeway and
just after on the way back, to separate out the 12 miles of 60mph from
the 30 miles of 70mph.  The web site has the trip segments up through
the freeway trip home, but not the last segment.  I don't have any cell
coverage at home, so it probably waited until today when I was running
errands to update, and will show up tomorrow.

In any case, the interesting bits are there:

cvo->freeway: 2.3kWh, 5m/kWh
cvo->salem freeway segment: 8.0kWh, 3.9m/kWh (31.5 miles)
salem->cvo freeway segment: 8.5kWh, 3.6m/kWh (30.7 miles)

The latter is slightly shorter because it's actually from the McDonald's
where I stopped when I was leaving for a coke; though I was planning on
that anyhow, the EV System warning light was on.  As I suspected, it
didn't come back on after I started up again after I came back out.  I'm
going to take it in to see if they can get a log message out of it

Anyhow, that means according to the car, I used 10.3kWh to get to PGE,
where the shorepower station fed me 18.5kWh to charge back up...

The 10.3kWh - 2/3rds empty is consistent with what I've seen previously
in that it seems that the amount of power the Nissan will use is only
15kWh.  I'm guessing that they're keeping it in a range that will allow
the expensive batteries to have a decent lifetime, but it would be nice
if they'd be open about it...

The charging efficiency is a bit of an issue too, in that it means it's
costing you nearly double the up front miles/kWh to operate --- still
cheap, but again, not as advertised...

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