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Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Mon May 23 16:54:21 PDT 2011

On 5/22/11 11:37 PM, Alan Batie wrote:

> The latter is slightly shorter because it's actually from the McDonald's
> where I stopped when I was leaving for a coke; though I was planning on
> that anyhow, the EV System warning light was on.  As I suspected, it
> didn't come back on after I started up again after I came back out.  I'm
> going to take it in to see if they can get a log message out of it
> tomorrow...

Well, this is being interesting: I took the car in this afternoon,
assuming they'd do a quick dump of the diagnostic info, pat me on the
head and send me on my way (which isn't too far off from what happened
when something similar happened with my Escape Hybrid).

An hour later, the tech comes out and asks for more info about what
happened and notes that there was a charging communication error with my
home charger (I got called into work yesterday morning before it had
finished charging) and says he's on hold with Nissan Corporate (they
want to know about all problems).  A little while later, the service
manager comes out and says Nissan is looking into it and doesn't want
the car moved, so they give me the dealer's Leaf to go back to work.

A while later, I get a call from Nissan Corporate myself, asking for
details on what happened, and agrees it's probably nothing, but the
dealer "will probably call you tomorrow morning".

With a nice big lcd display, it seems silly to resort to idiot lights
that require taking the car in to get the error messages (I have a
gadget that reads the diagnostic port, but not sure where it is, and it
shouldn't be needed, though for all I know, they *are* getting the info
on the lcd screen...).  For that matter, the car should have reported
system errors via carwings...

But it's nice they're this proactive...

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