[Oeva-list] Salem Trip

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue May 24 18:16:56 PDT 2011

On 5/24/11 6:01 PM, Jeff Kim wrote:
> The Shorepower stations have been tested with  multiple Leafs without
> any issues, including several people on this list.  I'm not aware of any
> issues arising after use of the stations.  They were also tested with
> Nissan's demo car, but we would be interested to hear what Nissan is
> doing differently.  We have several contacts with Nissan, but have not
> heard anything about this.

I suspect it's more along the lines of "we've got no clue why it
complained so we'll grasp at straws", but given the way they attacked
it, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually did come visit...

I suspect the issue is related to my being there as it finished and
unplugging it immediately after the car finished charging.  Has anyone
here gone through that exact scenario?  Nissan seemed to think the
charging process had been interrupted, but the car had indicated it had
finished (beeped and the three blue lights went solid on).

On another note, the charging station blue lights didn't blink like they
did in Chris' video.  Was that a video artifact?  They didn't do that in
the video until he pulled away a bit...

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