[Oeva-list] flexible PVC?

Dick Burnham Dick-Burnham at hoffmancorp.com
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What you are looking for is ENT electrical conduit.  ENT is Nonmetalic Tubing and most electrical supply houses sell it.  Most common color is blue and it's called "smurf tube" by most electricians because of the color.  It does come in orange or red, however and that should be used to designate high voltage lines in your car.  This is a safety standard adopted to protect first responders from a shock if they have to cut you out of your car in an accident.  Red or Orange ENT is commonly used in buildings to designate fire alarm cabling so you might be able to score some short pieces from a fire alarm contractor as well.  You might have better luck running your 2/0 cable individually in ¾ or 1" conduit and them zip tying them together.  Smaller sizes will bend more easily.  The advantage of using ENT is it does carry UL rating for low smoke and flame.  If you use something intended for plumbing you might get a smoky surprise if it gets hot.

Look here for specs:  http://www.carlonsales.com/plenumgard.php  There are other manufacturers as well - this is just one I found with a quick search.


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I found what I used at A-Boy (on Barbur Bvld near Terrwilliger).  Not sure about the ratings but they have several sizes. I used the 1.5".  Its on a large spool so you can get the exact length you need.  I've had no issues with it at all.

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I'm doing a little redesign work and wanting to route my high voltage cables under the car.  I've seen flexible PVC ("spa tube") used successfully for this before, but was just doing some poking around online and am having a hard time finding specs.  There seems to be some of this stuff that is better than others - when I do find specs the temperature ratings seem to be a little bit all over the place, if they're even reliable.

Anyway, does anyone know of a good source for some well made flexible PVC locally here in portland?  like a jacuzzi shop or ?

I'm after the 1 1/2" pipe, just big enough for dual 2/0 cables

thanks...  trying to avoid the phone book...   :)

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