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Jim Hopf Jim at Stratazone.com
Mon May 30 21:48:19 PDT 2011

I got mine by doing the chat thing on the volt site. They were able to look
up all available Volts in CA. They told me there was a dealer in Ontario CA
with three on the lot. I contacted them, and basically bought it over the
phone a couple hours later.  The catch was, that I had to have it
transported from CA to Portland OR ($650).  It was either transport it, or
pay CA sales tax. There was no other possible way around paying for
transport. I was going to buy it and drive it to Portland myself, but they
simply wouldn't allow it off the lot.  Oregon DMV said if I bought it, and
brought in the paperwork, I could register it in OR, fly down, put on the
plates, and drive it home, but again, the dealer or CA law wouldn't allow
it.  The transport guy got it here in 3 days, kind of got lucky on the
timing of that.


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Anyone know if there is a Volt for sale in the area, or one at a dealer for
a test drive?
I know someone mentioned one at a dealer, but I am guessing that is gone.
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