[Oeva-list] Nissan Leaf/Ecotality questions

Jay Kubicky jay at joulesys.com
Tue May 31 17:29:34 PDT 2011

I meant to say we'd requested the cheaper SV model, but the dealer clearly
told me this (cheaper) model wasn't eligible for the free charger.  Someone
emailed me that both models should be eligible through The EV Project.  I
just signed up at theevproject.com so we'll see what they say.

- Jay

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 3:59 PM, Jay Kubicky <jay at joulesys.com> wrote:

> We submitted a request for quotation through the Leaf website over the
> weekend and got a response the same day from our local dealer (Royal Moore
> in Hillsboro).  The price was around $600 under MSRP (I just tried to log in
> but it's already expired - was only good for two days, which seems kind of
> short for something with a 3-6 month lead-time).  I've read that we should
> qualify for a free charger from Ecotality, but the salesguy (I forget his
> name, but there's apparently just one guy at Royal Moore who handles to
> Leaf) told me we wouldn't qualify for the free charger if we bought the
> cheaper SL model.  I can't find anyplace where this is written down, nor
> does it make sense to me... does anyone know if this is true or not?
> Also, my read of the Oregon tax credit (
> http://www.nissanusa.com/ev/media/pdf/incentives/nissan-leaf-incentive-41.pdf)
> is that we would get $750 towards the car but, presumably, no credit for the
> charger if it were free.  If we did have to pay for the charger, it looks
> like the credit is 25% of the cost up to $750 (hopefully the charger is less
> than $3K).  Do I have this right?
> Thanks,
> Jay
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