[Oeva-list] Power distribution

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Tue May 31 18:33:57 PDT 2011

I was thinking about the quick chargers --- where they are now, and
where we'd like to be for complete ice replacement (100+kWh packs, 200kw
charging) and wonder about power distribution issues: the quick chargers
take 480V power at around 100A or so; I'm guessing those come in on 22kV
lines so it's only a couple of amps on the feeder lines, which I think
is what the power is until it gets to the neighborhood transformer.  On
the other hand, I've heard that getting 480V power is one of the issues
with the quick chargers; another guess is that's because the
transformers are all 22kV->240V, so you have to put in a special
transformer to get 480V.  200kw charging means 500A @400V, 9A @22kV, and
one day when we get to "EV fueling stations", you're going to be talking
about megawatts into the station.  How difficult and/or expensive are
those sort of things going to be?  At what current levels do you have to
step up the voltage on the distribution lines to keep the losses to
acceptable levels?  A megawatt @22kV is 45A...

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