[Oeva-list] Oregon EV News of the Week 2012 April 4th

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*Top Stories ====================================
o Meet OEVA member Dave Salzman http://fb.me/1cqp9IpBS

*Upcoming Oregon EVents =========================*
o Future Energy Conference April 25-26 fb.me/1fA5xxpjM
o Drive Oregon at Rogue Valley Earth Day 2012 April 21 fb.me/16nf7O5DH
o EVS26 May 6 - 9 fb.me/Z68uu1AK
o TTXGP June 23-24 goo.gl/dDGge

*Media  ========================================*
o Oregon EV vanity plates http://fb.me/1qg9n6e0o
o Travel Oregon video http://fb.me/QBRNvUka
o video: RYNO Motors http://fb.me/1LTTPAAQT

*Northwest EV News of Note =======================*
o Oregon #2 in EV infrastructure, Well done Hawaii http://fb.me/1dpBaJrW7
o Next-gen jobs workshop http://fb.me/KhO8qU3b
o OpConnect charging stations on Facebook http://fb.me/1XSch9mkC
o Oregon EV conversion hero, Otmar Ebenhoech http://fb.me/1tWPv2Ofq
o Oregon Electrifies First Leg of Electric Highway http://fb.me/JP4y4BsB
o Hot Wheels Come in a Boxx http://fb.me/1PeAckBeg
o Portland's Electric Avenue http://fb.me/1fK20kF73
o RYNO wins Most Innovative Product award http://fb.me/RYGROQBC
o Brammo Enertia on MythBusters http://fb.me/1VzWQJefs
o Reviving streetcars http://fb.me/1c8iMMC6F
o Natural-Gas Highway vs. Electric-Vehicle Highway http://fb.me/EU66pQ93
o Rose Quarter Brings Electric Buzz http://fb.me/1dmfeIVsr
o Car2go car club conquers another US city http://fb.me/1hiSrghSb
o Mike Dixon, Go EV charging services http://fb.me/1TvDIqPRK
o Brammo selects financing partner http://fb.me/1IYSNLULC

*Other EV News of Note ===========================*
o Fisker Atlantic video NY Auto Show http://fb.me/YX6HbXXj
o Plug-In Car Sales Soar In March http://fb.me/UeFETvyu
o Fabio Gets An Electric Motorcycle http://fb.me/1JVEf8QgX
o President George H.W. Bush buys a Volt http://fb.me/zzfOgMoY
o Electric Cars ARE Coming, But Slowly http://fb.me/1KhghYwr4
o Specialized Turbo e-bike http://fb.me/uzjKe7Sz
o 320 mph – fastest EV in the World http://fb.me/1mCLJx4Zy
o Solartaxi - The Movie is available today! http://fb.me/1UqHci0sE

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon
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