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Same story in a "local" website:

Nissan responded to the NYTimes story and said they should be comparing it
to a BWM 3 series. When you consider the smooth quiet ride, CarWings, and
the Nav system a Versa is NOT the car to compare the Leaf to.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon

On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 9:13 AM, Karl Boekelheide <oeva at boekelheide.com>wrote:

> **
> Indeed.  The idea that someone would willingly choose to pay more for a
> vehicle that doesn't contribute to all sorts of bad things in this world is
> just beyond some people.   Many think the only reason to buy an EV or
> hybrid is to see how fast you can make it "pay" for itself.  For them the
> answer should be obious - buy a Geo Metro.  I don't hear any arguments from
> these same people about how much it costs to own a Hummer or Mercedes.
> Somehow paying $60,000 for a "luxury" car is ok because you're being a good
> consumer and shipping lots of money to Germany and Canada (where most of
> our oil comes from.)  But shipping money to Japan (soon Tennessee) and The
> Dalles is bad.
> One thing I suspect will be true is that lots of people who frown on EV's
> now will be most vociferous in 10 year about how smart they are to not be
> driving a stinky gas burner anymore.  Few will say, "Why did I wait so
> long?"
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> On 4/6/12 12:32 AM, Nick wrote:
> > I liked the hotlink embedded in the article.  I’d like to know the
> > parameters of the study such as relative fuel prices and miles per year.
> To be honest, I think they're right - if you're expecting to save money
> with an EV, you'll be disappointed.  The question is where do you want
> your money to go...
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