[Oeva-list] Another anti-EV article

Mike Butts mbutts at ieee.org
Fri Apr 6 12:24:20 PDT 2012

> Nissan responded to the NYTimes story and said they should be comparing it
> to a BMW 3 series. When you consider the smooth quiet ride, CarWings, and
> the Nav system a Versa is NOT the car to compare the Leaf to.
> Regards,
> Pat

Likewise when the Prius was new and unknown 10+ years ago, clueless
mainstream press judged it just on cost at $2 gas prices, or said it was a
version of the crummy little Echo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Platz)
which it decidedly was not.

As Karl said, it's remarkable how people who spend $30K or $100K on a new
car for luxury, performance or some fantasy self-image, can't see why
anyone would buy a electric or hybrid car because of how efficient it is,
where its energy comes from, or its cutting-edge technology.

But look how popular the Prius is today. EVs will be just as popular ten
years from now. In the meantime, enjoy being ahead of the curve.


Mike Butts mbutts at ieee.org
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