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        I'd like to point out some further idiocy in these articles.
        In some of the examples they assume that
        gas will stay at $4/gal for 27 years.
        I'm sure that's a fairly likely assumption....right??  
Under what conditions might that be true:

        1- The rest of the world goes EV and leaves lots of gas for the
        2- The drill baby nuts finds the center of the earth is oil not
        3- There's a mass extinction and there are only a few million
        humans left but we still have gas, and someplace to drive?
        4- The tooth fairy is real?

I give best odds to number 4.

It's ever so easy to be negative and against progress.  New things
threaten people.  I personally know a couple of folks who said hybrids
were a dumb idea and would never sell.  They now own Prii.  I'm old
enough to remember when CD's first came out.  I know people who said
they were stupid because they would decay and took really expensive
equipment to play.  

Of course there are counter examples.  I thought we'd have really good
handwriting recognition decades ago.  I'm very surprised to see face and
voice recognition leaving that technology in the dust.  I'm glad I never
bought a tablet computer of yore.  I was tempted.



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Indeed.  The idea that someone would willingly choose to pay more for a
vehicle that doesn't contribute to all sorts of bad things in this world
is just beyond some people.   Many think the only reason to buy an EV or
hybrid is to see how fast you can make it "pay" for itself.  For them
the answer should be obious - buy a Geo Metro.  I don't hear any
arguments from these same people about how much it costs to own a Hummer
or Mercedes.  Somehow paying $60,000 for a "luxury" car is ok because
you're being a good consumer and shipping lots of money to Germany and
Canada (where most of our oil comes from.)  But shipping money to Japan
(soon Tennessee) and The Dalles is bad.

One thing I suspect will be true is that lots of people who frown on
EV's now will be most vociferous in 10 year about how smart they are to
not be driving a stinky gas burner anymore.  Few will say, "Why did I
wait so long?"

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On 4/6/12 12:32 AM, Nick wrote:
> I liked the hotlink embedded in the article.  I’d like to know the
> parameters of the study such as relative fuel prices and miles per year.

To be honest, I think they're right - if you're expecting to save money
with an EV, you'll be disappointed.  The question is where do you want
your money to go...

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