[Oeva-list] 2nd hand Genesis battery pack

J Bills jbillsnews at flickfx.com
Sun Apr 8 15:05:45 PDT 2012

just passing along if anyone would be interested in a 2nd hand pack of AGM
Genesis XE60's, let me know.  A bus co in PA is unloading them and has a
skid of 18 left for $75/ea.  About 1/3 of what they cost new.


I only need to pick up 3 for spares, which would leave 15 if someone wanted
to turn them into a 144 or 156v pack + couple spares.

They were part of a hybrid bus experiment that never saw duty a couple of
years back and they've sat untouched in storage since it was dismantled.
They estimated less than 30 cycles on them and based on initial stats I'd
say that's probably true.  I ordered one to test, so far so good.  as
advertised, it's resting at 12.5v and climbing since I dropped it in my
car.  doesn't seem abused in any way.

I came across them since I'd been looking to pick up a couple of spares so
I can stay at this voltage when the inevitable stragglers start to drop out
towards the end of the pack's life - trying to hold off for a couple of
years before going lithium.

As far as pba goes, I like these about as much as you can like pba.  approx
60ah/20 hr rate and perform better than the old yellow tops I had before.
can dish the amps nicely - they used to be in the Blue Meanie FWIW.

I mean, don't get me wrong - this is a 2nd hand pack, so, gah...  you
know...   buyer beware and all that.   but if it's tempting for anyone and
you want to share shipping, get in touch.  You can certainly check out the
one they sent me as a tester if you like.

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