[Oeva-list] pack sizing watts per mile

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Tue Apr 10 10:39:39 PDT 2012

I finally got my  C. A.  working .  My EVT scooter pack is only capable 5 amps now, " after 5600 miles on 5 x 35 ah , agms I'm pretty happy about that ",  that includes some times having to stay above the 50 volt controller drop off point just to keep going at 20 mph . till i coast in the drive way .  Anyway my watts per mile at this easy rate is around  " 60 watts per mile " .
I'm trying to decide on 20 or 40  ah  LFP cells .  My longest average  across town trip would be 15 miles and watts per mile  would be "80" or so . Anyway how do I use this for pack sizing .

I'll get 22- 24 LFP cells  .  Any formulas or charts would be helpfull .

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