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*Top Stories ====================================
o Arcimoto founder speaks at TEDx http://fb.me/wrM5G3mA
o Oregon EV conversion hero, Otmar Ebenhoech http://fb.me/1tWPv2Ofq

*Upcoming Oregon EVents =========================*
o Unveiling of nine new charging stations! April 11 http://fb.me/XK4fVa0L
o Lane Community Earth Day Solar Station April 19 http://fb.me/1WBR3scHT
o Workshop for next-gen jobs April 17th http://fb.me/KhO8qU3b
o Future Energy Conference April 25-26 fb.me/1fA5xxpjM
o Drive Oregon at Rogue Valley Earth Day 2012 April 21 fb.me/16nf7O5DH
o EVS26 May 6 - 9 fb.me/Z68uu1AK
o Mobility Fair Seattle May 19 http://fb.me/1vaG61b0f
o TTXGP June 23-24 goo.gl/dDGge

*Media  ========================================*
o MotoCzysz on Syfy http://fb.me/1L7Q4FkYr
o 2012 Fisker Karma Consumer Reports http://fb.me/ZRd11ubK
o FedEx On EVs http://fb.me/1GyBXJf1P
o photos: West Coast Electric Highway http://fb.me/ZCAKjtOu

*Northwest EV News of Note =======================*
o Oregon electric airplane company http://fb.me/1UVQe8HcJ
o Brammo Fast Forward http://fb.me/1dbTkRnA0
o Portlanders w/ Klout may get use of Chevy Volt http://fb.me/1epi9W63z
o NW over abundant Wind and Hydro http://fb.me/1rOAgDS8s
o EVs at Portland's Better Living Show http://fb.me/1TCwhdGTW
o RYNO Motors Electric Monocycle http://goo.gl/brCgx
o Driving an electric car is very patriotic http://fb.me/1XrrP4lad
o Big batteries to Oregon's grid http://fb.me/1czTzt0N0
o ReVolt hiring Electromechanical Tech http://fb.me/1dCqpUHe0

*Other EV News of Note ===========================*
o Gas-guzzlers go green with homemade tweaks http://fb.me/1RkGJQgx9
o Where are the Chevrolet Volts at? See this map. http://fb.me/1eYlyXOpv
o Frito-Lay & EVI Launch EV Pilot http://goo.gl/GV4hj
o Smarter Infrastructure for EVs http://fb.me/1JAxRO1Ps
o World-wide support grows for all-electric vehicles http://fb.me/1z6BdOe1a
o KillaCycle sets a new record http://fb.me/1cqgLhYT7
o EV sales boom as gas prices rise http://fb.me/GyDHQbKC
o Electric Smart Fortwo gets revamp for 2013 http://fb.me/RE2VFdlk
o Fisker Atlantic New York Reveal Event http://fb.me/GQIrga9T
o PHEV Truck from Via Motors http://fb.me/1eLUlkgOz
o Chevy Volt sales double in March http://fb.me/16p6bXHes
o Chevy Volt Production Resumes Early http://fb.me/NXpIDCF4
o Plug-In Car Sales Soar In March http://fb.me/UeFETvyu

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