[Oeva-list] Ecotality Thursday

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Wed Apr 11 01:01:32 PDT 2012

Of all the times I can't make it to the meeting up there...

Hopefully someone will ask:

1.  Why don't they provide some sort of regular status updates so we
know what's going on?  We'll be a lot less frustrated with them if we
can see that there is actually some progress being made...

2.  When are they actually going to roll out the fast charge stations
that were supposed to be all in last year?  (I'm hoping that answering
this question and actually providing a status update is one of the
reasons for them attending the meeting!)

3.  I've heard the one that is in at Freddies is down a lot.  If so,
what is the failure mode and what are they doing to resolve it and make
sure the others are reliable?  If they're not going to be reliable, it's
actually good that they're not going in, as unreliable stations would be

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