[Oeva-list] FW: Our BMW Electronauts have hit the road and love the BMW ActiveE.

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You get the slight feeling that BMW is shocked by these reports..


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Over the past few weeks, the all-new BMW ActiveE has made its way into
driveways and garages of BMW Electronauts. They've hit the road and hit the
forum to share their excitement and stories about their new high-performance

"The car is just what I would expect from BMW. It's rock solid, has great
handling, is very comfortable and the cabin is exceptionally quiet."


"As the gas prices climb, I'm thankful to be driving a 100% electric car."


"Have you test driven one yet? MEGA TORQUE!"


"It's really a great car and feels and drives like any other BMW."


"No matter what crazy stuff has happened during the day, I find that when I
get behind the wheel of the ActiveE, it all melts away and the fun driving
experience takes me away. Peaceful, Quiet, Fun, Fast, Exciting.it's quite
the package."

This is only the beginning of the BMW ActiveE Field Trial. Visit the forum
to take an exclusive look into the lives of our Electronauts, see why the
BMW ActiveE is the Ultimate Driving MachineR, and help us pave the way into
the future of mobility with the upcoming BMW i3 and i8 vehicles. 

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