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Hi Greg,
Been an EAA member longer then a OEVA member. Not a pilot just a wanta  
Here is another start up to keep an eye on right here in Portland.


There is an article in the May issue of Popular Science about it and  
other future aircraft in the works.

Stay Well


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> 5000+ airports
> http://www.kitplanes.com/issues/29_1/exploring/Alternative_Energies_Light_Sport_electrified_20337-1.html
> I don't know if we have any EAA members here, but the KITPLANES
> article referenced on their site + FB page shared by OEVA earlier this
> month featured a section I thought might be appreciated by EVA guys,
> given like boats, bicycles, motorcycles, and trains, aircraft are
> vehicles.
> "Beyond that, [Karl Young] and [Stephan] Boutenko are planning an
> electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for airports with paved
> runways (more than 5000) using the X-Caps. It'd be for electric
> airplanes, utility vehicles, energy trucks (fuel trucks) and EVs in
> the parking lot."
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