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*Top Stories ====================================
o Sen Jeff Merkley praises Oregon EV infrastructure http://fb.me/1BqQzUyzJ
o OR DEQ helps businesses install charging stations http://fb.me/1nsjddzhw

*Upcoming Oregon EVents =========================*
o Lane Community Earth Day Solar Station April 19 http://fb.me/1WBR3scHT
o Workshop for next-gen jobs April 17th http://fb.me/KhO8qU3b
o Future Energy Conference April 25-26 fb.me/1fA5xxpjM
o Drive Oregon at Rogue Valley Earth Day 2012 April 21 fb.me/16nf7O5DH
o 82nd Ave Roses Parade April 28 http://fb.me/XaySmAlD
o EVS26 May 6 - 9 fb.me/Z68uu1AK
o Mobility Fair Seattle May 19 http://fb.me/1vaG61b0f
o TTXGP June 23-24 goo.gl/dDGge

*Media  ========================================*
o video: MotoCzysz on Syfy http://fb.me/1L7Q4FkYr
o picture: Volta Volare' performance EV aircraft http://fb.me/YdhvfXIO
o video: Portland @ Clean Cities workshop http://fb.me/1SgCfqrAm
o video: CRY WOLF: An Unethical Oil Story http://fb.me/1lq9Gr5gc
o picture: The March of Progress http://fb.me/1kuWFZJqt
o video: Conscious Commuter w/ Audubon Magazine http://fb.me/uysmqLyQ
o photos: Living Greener Summit http://fb.me/1YMOD2tGs
o video: meet OTREC http://fb.me/1uq7QcygL
o video: Brammo Teases Empulse Reveal http://fb.me/1jy4S4IkR
o video: Elon Musk with Jon Stewart http://fb.me/1qsexGDDa
o photo: Portland's LEAF at Gresham's charger http://fb.me/1JcoEN2Ln
o Where are EV good for emissions? http://fb.me/1LeDvnAsm

*Northwest EV News of Note =======================*
o The First Production-Ready Electric Airplane http://fb.me/1LeZXHaud
o MotoCzysz nominated for USA Hall of Fame http://fb.me/1xNyGxQRN
o MC Electric Vehicles' Earth Day sale http://fb.me/1M8l4662D
o Boxx Electric Scooter in Popular Mechanics http://fb.me/1k5MGgD36
o Get Psyched for the Czysz http://fb.me/10dVWqlFM
o Tesla Motors job in Tigard, Oregon http://fb.me/1YvbHk12g
o Honda Fit EV coming to Oregon this summer http://fb.me/10yNAArri

*Other EV News of Note ===========================*
o EV battery prices drop 14 percent on year http://fb.me/Xm6woYQg
o Study: EV owners save up to $1,200 a year http://fb.me/10F6ICsqX
o EVs = Energy & Emissions Savings Anywhere in US http://fb.me/1fa1itQHr
o ebikes are great for 'Park & Pedal' http://fb.me/1kSHRt6AO
o Pike Research Predicts Plug-Ins Will Outsell Hybrids http://goo.gl/tjX32
o Every power outlet is a charging station http://fb.me/v3QKVFBy
o A Real Oil Security Strategy = Boost Electrification http://fb.me/XL2vCIVF
o Tesla Model S “almost ready” http://fb.me/1MNbDPUEt
o Hybrid and electric cars see record sales in March http://fb.me/1zCih70MP
o Springtime is here, consider an electric mower http://fb.me/1FgYlWbbS
o Fossil-fuel subsidies are the real job killers http://fb.me/1AJr0KglP
o New power plants NOT needed for EVs http://fb.me/1M6b3ZIju
o Around the world in a production EV http://fb.me/1K6OE8CH4
o Electrification about national security http://fb.me/HBlhxzcJ
o Ford Focus Electric on Yahoo! TV Reality Show  http://fb.me/1wRB6Pwm0

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