[Oeva-list] cell regulators simple alarm visual circut

Peakfoto Digital Photo Still n Video ken at peakfoto.com
Fri Apr 20 09:30:16 PDT 2012

I'm looking for a very simple cheap battery lower voltage alarm circut . I have 20 x TS 40 ah cells some good some abused .
I wan to use them for powering my electric mower or electric bike . I've used a simple circut like a pokect radio speaker or LED flashlight, 
withte series  http://www.ev-power.com.au/-Thundersky-Battery-Balancing-System-.html   regulators . But its backwards , pocket radio Led  go's off when 
the battery is low . So is there some kind of Simple circut using a transistor, blinking LED flash light, hooked up to the regulators, " i'm told they can handle 
50 ma. This "will not be for charging " ,  just for alerting while in use .

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