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*Top Stories ====================================
o Oregon gets $1.3M more for DC Fast chargers http://fb.me/1ytNwfvQf

*Upcoming Oregon EVents =========================*
o Revenge of the Electric Car on OPB on April 26 http://fb.me/1O4hjAxH3
o RMI Live Chat: The Future of Electricity April 26 http://fb.me/MPUZl32b
o Future Energy Conference April 25-26 fb.me/1fA5xxpjM
o 82nd Ave Roses Parade April 28 http://fb.me/XaySmAlD
o EVS26 May 6 - 9 fb.me/Z68uu1AK
o Mobility Fair Seattle May 19 http://fb.me/1vaG61b0f
o TTXGP June 23-24 goo.gl/dDGge

*Media  ========================================*
o photo: Ford Focus roadshow powered by Shorepower Technologies
o photo: Lane Community College solar charging station made by Shorepower
o video: Brammo CEO talks about the new Empulse and Empulse R
o video: Benjamin Nelson of http://300mpg.org reviews Brammo Enertia
o video: Domino's EV delivery scooter http://fb.me/TTaXicEU
o video: Electriphobia Research Institute http://fb.me/YHAx24UT
o video: Brammo reveals Empulse R electric sport bikes
o video: Reinventing Fire: A Business-Led Clean Energy Solution for
Security http://fb.me/11QsQzlFn

*Northwest EV News of Note =======================*
o OEVA co-chair Gary Graunke in the EV Car Co blog http://fb.me/122ih2Vjg
o Congrats to RYNO Motors on GQ list of 2012 Car Awards!
o See ODOT's Solar Highway output http://fb.me/1If5rx356
o Shorepower plug-in service added in Nebraska, Iowa http://fb.me/1PITBlinQ
o Arcimoto at solar powered station of a major search engine company
o Consider renting an EV http://fb.me/1jzs6Sog8
o Portland Air Toxics Solutions Report by DEQ http://fb.me/1MQAQq9lD
o Craig Bramscher & Brammo http://fb.me/1QC8dKD0P
o Brammo Empulse R specs released! http://fb.me/1qPT0vhan
o Home Depot now has charging stations http://fb.me/zCWlxSZ2
o 2012 Ford Focus Electric: First Drive Review http://fb.me/1ypUFOIvR
o Policies Driving Increased Electric Vehicle Sales http://fb.me/1fJxPy64H
o Is the Honda Fit EV a fit for your needs? http://fb.me/20VZ7ukjv
o OEVA member, Myles, takes his 92 year old EV out for a spin
o Congrats to Conscious Commuter for winning at OEN http://fb.me/1mLrO4SqA
o Rose Quarter plugs in 10 EV charging stations http://fb.me/ItAdOHIo

*Other EV News of Note ===========================*
o EV Charging Stations now surpass all other alt fuel stations combined!
o Electric Cars Cost $1,200 a Year Less to Run http://fb.me/1gY5IjKae
o Electric cars on eBay's new Green Motors page http://fb.me/1sbyAWRLi
o Could regional airports become the next EV charging network?
o Gulf Still Grapples With Massive BP Oil Leak 2 Years Later
o SAE Vehicle Electrification April Edition http://fb.me/1x38YR5lG
o Iraq War Veteran Fights The Green Fight http://fb.me/1FBHzbZqW
o Test Drive of the Ford Electric Focus http://fb.me/10aNp1uub

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon
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