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Greetings EV enthusiasts,


Emmaline, from the Citizens Utility Board, just sent this note about another
fun event coming up on May 12th. I encourage you all to attend the parade
and if possible, join in with your EV. This would be a great way for some of
our members to do a ride-along and show our group's support of EVs. I will
be there and I have room for up to 3 folks for a ride-along in the parade. 


You'll notice that in the note below they are asking for us to "register" by
the 1st of May, so please go ahead and sign up now. 


We'll talk more about the event at the upcoming May monthly OEVA meeting.


Thank you,


John P. Christian


Oregon Electric Vehicles Association -  Chairperson


(503) 704-2155



From: Emmaline Pohnl [mailto:emmaline at oregoncub.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 9:09 AM
To: John Christian
Cc: Emmaline Pohnl
Subject: St. John's Parade
Importance: High


Hi John, 


I hope you had a lovely Earth Day weekend!


Have you heard of the St. John's Parade?  It's an enormous parade held each
May (this year it is on the 12th) that circles around North Portland and
draws upwards of a thousand people from all over the city.  Applications for
being in the parade are due May 1st and it is completely free to be in it.


I am planning to get a group of electric vehicle owners together to march in
the parade-but I wanted to check in first with you to make sure I'm not
"doubling-up" if you and OEVA are already making plans to participate.  If
you aren't, I will submit an application to participate and note that a good
number of the vehicles will be (hopefully, if people are able!) from OEVA
and the rest from my other contacts.  I'm envisioning a group of EVs driving
together (conversions and mass-produced) with people walking along with
them, holding banners from OEVA, CUB, and maybe other groups that are
involved in the outreach effort (EV Roadmap?  Drive Oregon?)


I see this event as an opportunity to bring together many of the individuals
working on getting the word out about EVs-collaboration on this kind of
publicity and outreach is what makes it the most powerful and thus


Please let me know as soon as you can if OEVA will be participating and
we'll go from there.


Thanks, John!





Emmaline Pohnl

Community Outreach Specialist, Americorps Member


Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon

CUB Policy Center

emmaline at oregoncub.org <mailto:sa at oregoncub.org> 

P: 319-331-6790 

F: 503-274-2956

W: http://oregoncub.org

W: http://cubpolicycenter.org



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