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Karl Boekelheide oeva at boekelheide.com
Thu Apr 26 16:50:50 PDT 2012

I drew it myself with Google Maps after being there.  The only map I
know of is AV's map of stick pins.  AV does give the addresses on their
site and you can zoom way in.

But, 840 Beltline Road for Springfield isn't quite right as I can attest
having just been there on East Farm Game Road.  This one is not quite as
bad as the one in Roseburg which is invisible from the road.  At least
the Roseburg address is correct and the map shows it pretty close to the
actual location at the back of the saloon.

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Karl - 

What map are you looking at that shows these stations?  I'm not finding
any map at the AV-EVSolutions website, only a list of sites with no
information on their operational status.  

I called their customer service and the rep. said she knew of no map,
only the list.  I would really like to see something from AV that shows
the status of their sites (like Blink, ChargePoint, and SemaCharge do).
Maybe ODOT could help persuade them to do this?


 - Alan K.

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> Aerovironment has turned on the quick charger at the Hwy 228 exit #216
> off of I5.  I actually made it in my Leaf from Tigard to there.  The
> prognosticator said I had 5 miles left.  I drove mostly 55.  It was
> mostly nice and no need for heat.  It's a long stretch but can be
> done.
> I called AV yesterday to ask about it and they had no idea what I was
> talking about.  The operator even inquired of her boss.  Yet this
> morning it appeared on their web site.   It also shows Springfield
> exit #195 in operation.
> I'm charged and ready to go.  There is free wifi here too.
> Karl

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