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*Top Stories ========================================
 Several OEVA members made the "John Day or Bust" Roadtrip to take their
EVs to the SolWest Energy Fair
o photos: Roadtrip http://fb.me/1BhkWmHIB

*Upcoming Oregon EVents ===========================*
   o Electric Car Show in Medford Oregon Aug 1 http://fb.me/2geUtW7So
o Drive Oregon Welcomes Chinese EV Leaders August 6 http://fb.me/1Ns54Fc9X
o Oregon Clean Fuels public hearing Aug 31 http://fb.me/1yeAkwoXd o 4th
Annual Oregon Transportation Summit September 10 http://fb.me/1u0UXOmZL

*Media  ===========================================*
o OEVA at SolWest http://fb.me/1wYLIKDKu
o Hillsboro DCFC at the Civic Center http://fb.me/2eT4ewB9k
o OEVA member @ West Coast Electric Highway http://fb.me/22WrFrstc
o Students check out Tesla Roadster http://fb.me/1MvCN0jFu
o Oregon EV Plates http://fb.me/23T2ILpv3
o Getaround Tesla in Portland http://fb.me/1MWoiJmns

*Northwest EV News of Note ==========================*
 o Plug-in Hybrid Ford C-MAX Energi in Portland this fall
o AAA roadside charging for EVs http://fb.me/1RpFhKO2i
o Brammo drives growth with $45 Million http://fb.me/DsF33LcX
o Energy plan puts Oregon first http://fb.me/1v2kdVBPa
o Honda enters the EV fray with the Fit EV http://fb.me/1a3buMPS9
o 4 acres of solar 'planted' in Lorane Oregon http://fb.me/21NFIezW9
o Eugene Is On The Grid For A Future Of Electric Cars http://fb.me/1CfEVqNwk

o Eric Bostrom Races Brammo at Laguna Seca http://fb.me/1OLsCUDwW
o MotoCzysz Introduces D9 D1g1tal Dr1ve for Fleet Vehicles
o Sisters Oregon is getting a charge out of new station

*Other EV News of Note =============================*
o Online EV safety training for first responders http://fb.me/1A9o280cl
o Do-it-yourself: How to build your own electric car, hacker style
o 101-year-old buys an electric car http://fb.me/Yzh6xgPU
o Chevrolet Volt ranked most appealing car in US by J.D. Power and
Associates http://fb.me/1vqMZta6C
o Would you install an electricity meter for your EV if you got a lower
rate? http://fb.me/OXRt4zgE

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