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Subject: URGENT - Plug In America Action Alert - Stop Senate Finance
Committee vote against plug-ins!
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The Senate Finance Committee will vote early tomorrow morning on a package
of "tax extenders." These incentives all expired at the end of 2011 just as
the market for plug-in vehicles was beginning to take off.

Unfortunately they have removed three key EV tax credits - for electric
motorcycles, electric vehicle infrastructure, and electric vehicle

Plug In America has been working hard to gain extensions of these
incentives and we need your help now. Please take two minutes to use our
easy form<http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?v=2&c=jP29BbNVld1o8XET87%2F%2BtLO9dY3eELgD>to
contact your Senators and let them know that these plug-in incentives
are critical to the overall success of the market and you want them

Just a couple of minutes of your time can really make a difference at this
point, so please make your voice

Thank you!

- Jay Friedland
Plug In America Legislative Director

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